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The very first project that I did for someone else involved the creation of a landing page website for a close friend who had started a small dessert bakery business. The idea was to give her a web presence with her contact information and links to her social media accounts where she was featuring her culinary creations. It was a fun project for me because, in addition to building the site, I also got to experience creating vector graphic logos from scratch using Affinity Designer.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for her to outgrow the landing page and require something a little more robust that included a way for her clients to submit requests to her. Based on the requirements given, I designed the current iteration of the website, built upon the ever-popular WordPress framework. The design features a color palette based on the business logo, pages for menu options and pricing, as well as a gallery of images so she can feature the growing collection of edible art that she creates. Most importantly, the website contains a contact form that allows her clients to send inquiries with requests for custom dessert options.

This project taught me a lot about the process and nuances of building a website for someone else. Having recently made my way into the Django pool, I’m even contemplating giving her site an upgrade so she can have custom admin capabilities that allow her to more easily update certain parts of her site as her business grows and changes (just don’t tell her that yet).

Check out her website, Sugar Buzz Cakes & More by Casey, and if you’re ever in the southern New Hampshire area be sure to reach out and request a custom dessert. I can promise you that they taste as good as they look! Let her know her “I.T. guy” sent you.

Also, if you’re interested in seeing the original landing page, a live version can still be found here.  

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