Nathan Brown

Web Developer | Programmer

Memory Game

When the time came to explore the backend side of web development I needed a project that I could quickly implement a front-end on so that I could focus on learning PHP. I had previously coded a single-page, front-end only memory game while learning Vue.js and decided this would be a perfect choice. 

I opted to use Bootstrap and vanilla Javascript for the front-end, and then dove head first into creating all of the components, logic, and SQL queiries required to make this dynamic, full stack project run. 

The game features the ability for the user to play as guest or register to record their personal stats. Once registered, a user can log in and out as desired. 

When it comes to the gameplay, there are four difficulty levels to choose from, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Insane. Do you think you have what it takes to beat the best scores?

If you're interested in checking out the original Vue.js front-end only version of the game, you can find it here, and the code can be found here.  


Skills Featured

Memory game home page
Guest dashboard featuring stats for all users
Registration page
page
User dashboard featuring user specific stats
New game on the medium setting
Gameplay on the hard setting
Game over alert

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