Nathan Brown

Web Developer | Programmer

What The Chuck

If you think you know about Chuck Norris, think again.

This web application utilizes the Chuck Norris Jokes API to provide users with fun random "facts" about the man, the myth, the beard...Chuck Norris.

The app features a Chuck Norris cartoon character that will randomly perform one of three animations when clicked on to either chop, slap, or flying back-flip kick the text box to call for a new random Chuck Norris fact.

The purpose of this project was to explore and practice API integration for making and processing requests. It represents my first foray into utilizing APIs on my own. Additionally, this project served as means to work with and create CSS animations from scratch, something else that I had not tackled to that point in my web development experience.

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What the Chuck?!

Chuck Norris

Click on Chuck Norris to learn a random fact about him...if you dare!

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